• "Trust Melissa as a powerfully skilled and compassionate guide for opening to new life.” ~ Dr. Jeanne Achterberg, past President, Association for Transpersonal Psychology

  • “Melissa is a wise and trustworthy guide to the gifts that change and trauma bring if we are fortunate enough to seize the transformational potential of initiation.” ~ Dr. Kaethe Weingarten, Harvard Clinical Professor of Psychology

  • "Melissa compassionately guides us on a ground-breaking path to claim wisdom and grace in our most difficult moments." ~ Katherine Martin, author of Women of Courage

  • "Melissa is a deeply compassionate midwife for women going through big change. I'd trust her with my soul." ~ Barbara Fischer, MSW

  • "For anyone facing big change, Melissa is a powerful and loving companion to the process that can lift us from despair to the birth of a new life and new joy." ~ David Spangler, author of Everyday Miracles